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Solving Web Accessibility: Leaving No One Behind
More than one billion people have a disability worldwide. Disability affects one in three families in North America, and if it doesn't affect yours, it likely affects someone close to you.
What is important to note when looking at these statistics is that while these numbers already make up a significant percentage of the national and global population, the proportion of people living with a disability is growing.
As a result, it has become critical to create accessible web experiences to accommodate the many communities of people with disabilities. This white paper discusses digital accessibility at large and its impact on disabled populations.

Topics include: 
  • The benefits of making your web content accessible
  • Types of disabilities and online challenges
  • Assistive technologies for different types of disabilities
  • What is necessary to create an accessible digital experience
  • Conforming with WCAG 2.0, ADA, and AODA
  • Resources for accessibility compliance

Download the Guide:

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The Benefits of Web Accessibility 

While the primary purpose of web accessibility is to provide access to individuals living with substantial disabilities, there are many other benefits to making your web content accessible. When done well, web accessibility results in a better experience for all your visitors without tradeoffs for the general user experience. It can even reduce costs while improving market reach.


A Full Service Media Accessibility Solution

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