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ROI Analysis of Transcription & Captioning
While most people know the primary purpose of captions is accessibility, captions for online video can additionally provide the business benefit of improving search engine optimization (SEO) for video content. 
Topics include:
  • Case studies proving the value of adding captions and transcripts to videos
  • How captions and transcripts boost search traffic, page views, search rank, and user engagement
  • Inferred ROI of transcribing and captioning video content to boost SEO

Download the Guide:

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Are you making the most of your audio & video content?

Transcription and captioning are an easy way to elevate your content & optimize videos for search traffic.

In this eBook, we'll review search engine optimization (SEO) studies conducted by Discovery Digital Networks, SafeNet, and This American Life that examine the impact of transcribing audio content, transcribing videos, and adding closed captions to YouTube videos.

Let's explore these results to better understand exactly how transcripts & captions can boost search traffic, page views, search rank, and audience engagement.

Before you go, we'll calculate an inferred ROI of transcribing and captioning your video content to boost SEO.


A Full Service Media Accessibility Solution

3Play Media is an integrated media accessibility platform with patented solutions for closed captioning, transcription, live captioning, audio description, and localization. 3Play is a thought leader in video accessibility, and is committed to providing free, educational resources like this one.

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