ROI Analysis and SEO Benefits of Closed Captioning.

money-bag-400301_640While many people assume that the sole purpose of captions is accessibility, in fact, captions also provide an easy way to boost your video SEO.

Several recent studies have proven that adding closed captions and transcripts to videos increases search traffic, page views, search rank, and engagement.

You'll discover:

  • How Discovery Digital Networks increased views by adding captions
  • How This American Life increased user engagement + inbound traffic with transcripts
  • ROI analysis of closed captioning
  • Resources for video SEO

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thumb-roi-seoAre you making the most of your audio and video content? Well, transcribing and captioning them is one simple way to optimize them for search traffic. Search engine optimization (SEO) studies conducted by Discovery Digital Networks, SafeNet, and This American Life reveal transcripts and captions to have a positive impact on search traffic, page views, search rank, and engagement. These studies examine the effects of transcribing audio content, transcribing videos, and adding closed captions to YouTube videos.

Closed Captions Are Indexed by YouTube Search

Discovery Digital Networks wanted to be certain that the closed caption files were being indexed by YouTube’s search engine. To test this, they searched for a phrase that appeared in the transcript of the video, but not in the video title, description, or tags. The example below shows that their captioned video ranked 4th on YouTube for the query, proving that YouTube indexes closed captions and factors them into search rank.

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