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8 Benefits of Transcribing and Captioning Online Video
Why should you transcribe and caption your videos? It’s a simple question with so many answers.
This short brief explores the top 8 reasons why video transcription and captioning are beneficial for both your organization and your viewers. 

Topics include: 
  • Improving accessibility for d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers
  • Protecting your organization against disability discrimination lawsuits
  • Improving comprehension for English language learners
  • Increasing YouTube views and SEO
  • Providing a better user experience for watching and searching within a video
  • Making it easier to create derivative content from videos

Download the Guide:

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Accessibility to Deaf or Hard of Hearing Viewers 

Closed captions were originally developed to provide an equivalent television viewing experience for people who are d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing. Time-synced text is the best alternative to audio for many of these viewers, of which there are 48 million in the United States alone. 

Quite simply, closed captions allow viewers with hearing loss to consume your videos, which broadens your audience, gives more people access to information, and demonstrates a commitment to digital inclusion. 


A Full Service Media Accessibility Solution

3Play Media is an integrated media accessibility platform with patented solutions for closed captioning, transcription, live captioning, audio description, and localization. 3Play is a thought leader in video accessibility, and is committed to providing free, educational resources like this one.

Introducing 3Play Media