The Marketer's Toolkit for Accessible Digital Media

FREE WEBINAR: Monday, December 16th at 2pm ET

Webinar Overview:

Marketers are constantly creating new content for web and mobile apps, but often overlook accessibility. Publishing content that isn't accessible for individuals with disabilities excludes a large portion of your audience - that's risky business.

In this webinar, we'll dive into the essential tools digital marketers need to create accessible content. This webinar is designed by marketers for marketers and is presented by Level Access and 3Play Media. 

This webinar will cover:

  • Elements of accessible marketing
  • State of video accessibility and what that means for marketers
  • Key digital accessibility lawsuits to learn from
  • Why accessible video is better video for SEO, engagement, and branding
  • How to make video accessible
  • How to write alt-text
  • How to create accessible blog posts 
  • How to hyperlink - correctly
  • How to create deliver accessible webinars

Note: This is a joint webinar between 3Play Media and Level Access. Registration information will be shared with Level Access, who may reach out to you separately.

Registration Info:

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This webinar will be hosted on Monday, December 16th from 2pm-3pm ET. Convert your time zone.

This webinar will be recorded and you will receive a link to the recording and slide deck. 

Presented By:

Esty Peskowitz Headshot #1Esty Peskowitz

Director of Marketing

Level Access

efoleyE Foley

Content Manager

Level Access


Elisa Edelberg

Marketing Content Manager 

3Play Media