The Best Way to Create Audio Description

FREE WEBINAR: Thursday, November 21st at 2pm ET

Webinar Overview:

In 2015, the National Health Interview Survey found that 23.7 million Americans, which is about 10% of the population, have trouble seeing. Audio description is a critical accommodation for these viewers.

For many people, audio description remains a bit of a mystery. 

In this webinar, James Herndon (Technical Writer and Accessibility Consultant at Equal Entry) will dive into what audio description is and teach the best practices for writing your own descriptions. You'll learn what to describe and when to describe. 

This webinar will cover:

  • What is audio description?
  • What should you describe?
  • How do you write good audio description?
  • Examples of audio description for different videos
  • Writing description for standard versus extended
  • Best practices

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Presented By:

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Technical Writer & Accessibility Consultant

Equal Entry