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How Closed Captions & Transcripts Impact Student Learning:
A Report By The University Of South Florida St. Petersburg
This study was designed to shed light on the educational value of both closed captioning and interactive transcripts in lecture-based online courses. USFSP explored the effectiveness of closed captioning and interactive transcripts with a correlation study that examined the relationships between captioning, interactive transcripts, student demographics, student behaviors, and student comprehension of course material in an applied context.

USFSP's research aimed to answer several questions:
  • How do students use captions and transcripts to support their learning?
  • Do students who use captions and transcripts learn more than those who do not use these tools?
  • Do students who use captions and transcripts comprehend course content better than those who do not use these tools?

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Key Insights From the Study

The results of the study reveal insights into how students use captions and interactive transcripts to support their learning.

• 42% of students use closed captions to help maintain focus.
• 38% of students use interactive transcripts to help with information retention.
• Overall, student performance improved in groups that utilized closed captions and interactive transcripts.

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