About the ebook

Accessible design is universal design. It's inclusion and equality. Much of our modern life takes place online, and inaccessible web and social media content excludes people with disabilities enjoying content.

This ebook was made to help you create accessible videos for social media. It serves as a resource to empower you to share content that is more accessible and more engaging. 

Why Make Social Media Videos Accessible?

  • Provide access to people with disabilities.
  • Cater to viewers who watch social videos without sound.
  • Make your message stick and improve brand recall.

What's Included in this Ebook?

  • The Golden Rules of social media accessibility
  • What makes a social media video accessible
  • Examples from top brands that currently provide accessible social videos
  • An short guide to Web Content AccessibilityGuidelines (WCAG)
  • Social Media Video Checklist

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