State of Captioning 2022

Welcome to the 2022 State of Captioning! 👋

3Play Media's sixth annual State of Captioning report tracks current and upcoming media accessibility trends across industries in 2022. Here, we present fresh data focused on captioning behaviors, live and automatic captioning, social media captions, and predictions for the future of the captioning industry. 

This report covers: 

  • Captioning behaviors, policies, and procedures
  • Trends in automatic captioning, live captioning, and social media captions
  • Captioning motivators, barriers, and budgets

Why is this report important?

The information gathered in the State of Captioning is valuable because it offers a better understanding of how organizations and businesses are making their digital media content accessible. By learning about current behaviors and preferences, we can make predictions about what to expect for accessibility in the future. 

Looking to advocate for digital accessibility within your organization? The State of Captioning report is a great place to start. Here, you can gather knowledge and brush up on valuable statistics that can help drive accessibility initiatives forward at your organization.


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