About the Report

In order to closely follow trends with captioning accuracy, and because ASR is such a critical part of our process, we are constantly testing to make sure we are using the best ASR engine. The results of our research will be published, annually, in the State of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Report.


Person standing next to a phone with sound waves, a play, record, and pause button.

The Research

Our research tested the most popular ASR technologies across content from eCommerce, higher education, fitness, media and entertainment, and enterprise industries:

  • Speechmatics*
  • IBM Watson
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Temi (Rev)
  • Trint

Person sitting under a tree with headphones on and a play button*Speechmatics (SMX) is the engine we use in the first step of our captioning process.

All testing used real content, and lots of it, reflective of the most common type and volume that we receive at 3Play Media.

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