About the Report

This report tracks the current state of closed captioning in 2018, and compares it with the prior year. The data comes from a survey that was taken by 1,542 people from numerous industries, including higher education, corporate, media & entertainment, government, religious organizations, and nonprofit organizations. 



What is your main barrier to captioning?


How do you see your captioning needs increasing next year?

75% see needs increasing 
(compared to 74% last year)

How do organizations prioritize videos for captioning?

36% of organizations caption ALL of their video content

Do you have a centralized captioning process?

63% of respondents have or are currently developing a centralized captioning process 
(compared with 61% last year)

tvcc-How confident are you that you understand the legal requirements for captioning?

68% of respondents are at least pretty confident they understand the legal requirements for captioning 
(compared with 67% last year)

What is your main driver for captioning?

legal compliance

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