Captioning Ecommerce Video

54% of consumers want to see videos from their favorite brands.

Why Ecommerce Companies Should Caption with 3Play Media


According to HubSpot, branded video content is the most memorable type of content for consumers.

Video marketing can encourage brand awareness and behavioral intent. It’s a powerful tool, but its effectiveness is increased when videos are accessible. Accessible practices, like captioning, increase your reach and strengthen your brand.

Your ecommerce company should caption with 3Play Media because, as your accessibility partner, we’ll work with you to maximize the benefits of captioning for your company and brand.

How Captions Can Benefit Ecommerce Companies

There are many reasons why your ecommerce company should make its videos accessible. Just take a look at some of the many benefits of captioning

There are 360 million people worldwide with hearing loss that rely on captions to engage with online video. Captioning ensures your content is accessible to all.



User Experience


Captions improve behavioral intent and brand awareness, which makes your video content more memorable and drives your audience to action, such as a purchase.



Search Engine Optimization

Because captions provide a text version of your videos, search engine bots are able to read and index your videos, which means higher search rankings for your videos.

Global Audience


Once a video has been captioned in one language, it’s easy to translate into other languages. When captions are translated, your videos become available to more people around the world.


Viewing Flexibility

Captions allow viewers to watch videos in sound-sensitive environments and creates a better viewing experience.



 Why Ecommerce Companies Should Choose 3Play Media


At 3Play Media, our philosophy is to make video accessibility easy. We're not just a captioning provider. We're so much more than that.

Robust and Scalable


We're a full-service video accessibility solution. Our prices include more than just captioning, like on-boarding assistance, ongoing support, and more.



Accessibility Partner


Accessibility and customers are our priority. We provide tons of accessibility resources that help you stay educated on the accessibility landscape.



Trusted Technology


Born out of MIT over ten years ago, 3Play Media's history is one of innovation. Our technology patents, customer case studies, and testimonials show that our process is tried and true. You can count on us.



 3Play Media Features Are Just Right For Ecommerce Companies


3Play Media is more than a captioning service. We provide competitive prices, a robust and easy-to-use Account System, and round-trip video platform integrations, among many other things, all of which are geared to provide the best captioning experience for ecommerce companies.


Competitive Costs

Our advanced technology allows us to offer competitive prices, while our quality-assurance measures ensure that our caption quality is the best.



Account System

3Play’s Account System was designed to make captioning a painless process. Your eCommerce company can manage all aspects of its account, organize files, manage different video projects, and grant various levels of access to multiple users.



Making captioning easy is one of our top priorities. That’s why we provide integrations with most major video platforms, many of which offer a seamless captioning experience.




Our translation services are integrated with our captioning and transcription services, making it a breeze to translate your videos to almost any language.



Ready to start making your videos accessible? Get in touch with us today! 

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